Is breast augmentation worth it for better sex?

Breast augmentation surgery is very popular. Is it worth explaining the benefits of seductive female breasts. However, the question of how the size of breasts affects the quality of sex remains debatable. It is worth doing mammoplasty surgery if you are experiencing psychological discomfort. Or if you came to this decision together with your partner. It’s your decision and no one can criticize it. Perhaps sex after mammoplasty will be bright, passionate and unforgettable. In addition, you can order from us products to improve sensations during intimacy. Although you should also try the specialized medicines, which are on the website

How to have a breast augmentation?

Breast correction is carried out by two main methods: breast lift (possibly with simultaneous breast augmentation) and breast reduction. These operations are completely different procedures. Lifting involves cutting around the areola and removing excess skin, thereby giving the breasts a new shape and a firmer appearance. It is better to combine this type of surgery with a one-stage endoprosthesis to achieve the best effect (without endoprosthesis, it is possible that after the surgery, the nipple and areola will be slightly inside the breast due to excess breast tissue). Laboratory tests are required for the surgery. Visiting additional specialists and all the nuances related to the surgery are discussed at the consultation with your doctor.

After breast correction surgery, there can be painful sensations, for the elimination of which painkillers are prescribed. Swelling usually goes away after 2-3 weeks and stitches are removed within 10 days. For 4 weeks after surgery it is necessary to wear special underwear day and night and reduce the amount of physical activity during this period, because various exercises and physical activity only can cause stretching of the scars. The final result is achieved 6-9 months after surgery.

We also advise you to study some other interesting tips, some of which will help you to improve the quality of sex. You can also additionally use medications of this type

Facts about sperm

Scientists have discovered that one sperm cell contains 37.5 megabytes of male genetic information. They move at an average speed of about forty-five kilometers per hour. And a teaspoon of seminal fluid contains 36 calories.

The attraction is dictated to you by the eggs

During ovulation, a woman is more active in terms of sex. She finds not only her partner attractive, but also may be attracted to other men, which is regulated by natural instincts, preserved in our roots. Of course, in the modern world you can not chase the possibility of fertilization, but this peculiarity of the body works.

Advance caresses

On average, European women believe that the process of foreplay should be at least a third of the time of sex. But in different countries different amount of time is allocated for this factor. So for Asian women foreplay should occupy about 40% of sexual intercourse time, for Brazilian women 10% of foreplay time is enough.