What you should know about advertising from bloggers on Instagram

There are real opinion leaders and those who pass themselves off as such. There are those who have no influence on their subscribers and those who are actively listened to. The target audience is different for all of them. Also differs in the level of preparation of the profile for advertising and, of course, pricing policy. If you want to use the service promotion through bloggers, then first you should raise the status of your account. You can buy instagram followers and take care of the authority of your account. This way you’ll be more likely to get new followers.

Types of bloggers

  • Micro. Influencers of this scale cannot boast millions or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but they have a qualitative impact on their relatively small audience. It is to this type of Instagrammers that people turn for recommendations, their opinion is trusted, and their advice is listened to.
  • Nano. Such bloggers are considered those who have at least a thousand followers. Although they do not have a sufficient audience, but their advice and opinion is listened to. In addition, they are often willing to publish quality content for relatively little money.
  • Macro. These personalities tend to be well known. They have hundreds of thousands or even millions of readers and followers on social media. Partnering with them allows you to capture the attention of a huge audience.
  • Celebrity. This category includes macro-influencers who are not typical bloggers, but their pages are promoted because they are famous and famous. They can be musicians, comedians, actors, athletes. It will cost good money to collaborate with them, but they are the ones who make the brand memorable.

There are pro bloggers and there are amateurs. For professional Instagrammers, blogging is the main job on which they concentrate. Such blogs have a clear theme and style. They can be dedicated to travel, cooking, smarties, beauty and health. Blog entries are made regularly according to a content plan. Professional bloggers have a clear understanding of how to work with an audience and how to promote brands. For amateurs, blogging is a hobby with extra income. This category includes blogs that have become famous at the expense of interest in the author’s personality. Here you will not find a clear focus on a particular target audience. At the same time, there are pages that are characterized by a good engagement of the audience.

How much does it cost to advertise with bloggers

The cost of advertising depends on a lot of individual factors as well as the format. Singer Selena Gomez is believed to be the most influential person on Instagram, with an audience of 122 million followers. The publication of one post at her costs 550 thousand dollars. Of course, advertising in regular accounts will cost many times cheaper.

There is no clear answer, how much advertising costs domestic bloggers. Prices vary. The average price for the post depends on both the reach of the audience and the appetite of the owner. Video content can do more than just attract attention. It allows you to introduce people in detail to the benefits and features of the product offered, to convince and reveal new facets. All of this comes with a lot of production costs, both for filming and displaying.

One of our favorite marketing techniques is Instagram Stories ads. It looks more casual. The content here can be anything from a live feed to a photo post. Prices here are also very uneven. In stories the price is often 2-2.5 times lower than for a post, and joint drawings are 1.5-2 times more expensive. But before you buy ads from bloggers, you need to find the best company to buy instagram followers. This way you will raise the status of your account and make sure you get more new followers after advertising.