Latest News – MMA Fighting

15-20 years ago, the average viewer perceived mixed martial arts as something semi-criminal. But a lot has changed since then. Today it is a popular sport, bringing the organisers of the top tournaments millions in profits. The best fighters compete under the auspices of rival promotions UFC and Bellator. In addition to the men, women are also actively involved in the fights.

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Rules of MMA

Originally the sport was positioned as a fight without rules. Signs of most tournaments, held in the 80-90-ies, said so directly. But there are rules, and more than enough of them. Despite the fact that what is happening in the octagon sometimes looks creepy, the health and recovery of the fighters here is given the utmost attention.

Bouts are fought in 9 weight classes, from featherweight (under 56.7kg) to super heavyweight (over 120kg). Rank and file fights consist of three 5 minute rounds, while title fights consist of five rounds. Outfit only shorts and gloves are usually allowed, women also wear a sports bra. MMA fights end as follows:

  • knockout (the fighter is on the floor after a missed punch and has not had time to recover in 10 seconds);
  • technical knockout (the fight was stopped by the referee, the doctor or the second);
  • voluntary submission after a painful hold;
  • a referee’s decision in favour of one of the contestants (unanimous, majority, split decision);
  • a draw (unanimous decision, majority decision, split decision). 

UFC and Bellator news

For many fans, MMA news is primarily associated with the UFC and its long-time boss Dana White. Every tournament of this promotion generates a lot of interest, with the main fight of the evening being a particular excitement. The following tournaments are held under the UFC:

  • Number Tournaments. The most prestigious events, where championship fights are fought and title contenders are defined. 
  • Fight Night. The second most important series of competitions, free to viewers of the American Internet service ESPN+. There are the fighters of the second tier fighting for the promotion.
  • UFC on ESPN. Some of the UFC Fight tournaments televised on ESPN.
  • The Ultimate Fighter Finale. The main fights of the popular American reality show. Naturally, it has more of an entertaining character.

For true MMA fans the news is not limited to the events from the world of UFC. They follow just as closely what happens in the Bellator promotion. Bellator has far less crude epatage and outright heckling in the promotion’s promotion fights, but the sporting component is hardly much inferior. The competition here is in the Grand Prix format. On the way to the Bellator title fight the challenger must defeat several opponents using the Olympic system. The peculiarity of the fights is that they take place in the round cage. Other than that there are no particular differences in the rules. You can follow the MMA news here.