This Dumbbell HIIT Workout Will Burn Out Your Arms and Abs

Biceps curls are a solid OG move on their own, and burpees are already tough AF, so why combine them for a dumbbell burpee and biceps curl?! Well, a. why not? But mostly b. because compound exercises like this give you the bigger bang for your buck. If you want the sciencey version: Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups and move multiple joint levers (think your knee and hip) so they help build overall strength quicker than isometric or single muscle-group exercises, and most importantly, get your heart rate up. Essentially, you’re combining strength and conditioning not just in your one workout, but in one exercise.

Dumbbell Inchworm to Row

A. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, from standing, place hands on floor in front of you and slowly walk hands (still grasping weights) out until you reach a high plank position.

B. Row right arm back, then left before walking your hands back to feet to come to standing.

Runner Switch with Press

A. Start in plank position holding dumbbells. Quickly hop right foot outside right hand, leaving left leg extended behind you for a wide mountain climber stance.

B. Leaving left hand on ground, twist torso to right and press right arm, holding dumbbell up to sky.

C. Place hand back to ground, then quickly switch legs bringing left foot outside left hand, twist torso to left and press left arm up.

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Dumbbell Burpee and Curl

A. Squat down, knees to chest with dumbbells in each hand on the floor. Jump back with both feet, landing in a high plank position. Perform one push-up.

B. Jump feet forward landing wide outside both hands, then stand.

C. Perform a hammer curl with palms facing in toward body.

Dumbbell Clean and Press

A. Stand with dumbbells in both hands at your sides. Hinge at the hips and bring arms back behind you. Quickly swing them forward and up to chest with palms facing in as you return to standing, squeezing glutes as you do so.

B. With a slight bend in your knees, push through heels as you press dumbbells directly up overhead.

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Full-Body Get-Up

A. Lie on your back with knees bent, feet on floor, and the ends of one dumbbell in both hands; arms stretched above head and behind you on floor.

B. In one swift movement, swing arms up overhead and forward passed your knees, push through heels and come to standing with dumbbell at chest level.

C. Press weight up overhead then return to chest before reversing movement, sitting on ground and uncurling spine to return to starting position.