Four reasons to buy a property in Playa de Aro

The town of Playa de Aro is rightly called the gem of the Costa Brava. A hundred years ago it was just one of many fishing villages in the middle of beautiful nature. Today Playa de Aro is the best place to buy property for both your own use and for investment. You can always find land for sale mallorca, in Playa de Aro or in another region of Spain. Now it is very easy to do so as everyone has internet access and can get all the details they need without leaving their home.

1. Ecology, climate and weather conditions

As you know, the environmental situation in Spain is very favorable. But the city of Playa de Aro is unique even for Spain. There are no industrial enterprises in Spain. There are no industries within a radius of 150 km! Only pine and coniferous forests, rocks and sandy beaches. That’s why the air here is very clean, too. The climate in Playa de Aro is warm and mild. There is no scorching heat in summer and no appreciable frost in winter. The lowest temperature is +10°С (January). And precipitation is considered to be a rather rare natural phenomenon. In July and August the thermometer column usually rises only to 27°С. It is not surprising that in summer and also in early autumn tens and even hundreds of holiday-makers arrive here. These are not only foreign tourists, but also residents of other regions of Spain.

2. Beach recreation and entertainment

Eight magnificent beaches make up the coastline of Playa de Aro. They include well-equipped and popular beaches with showers, play and children’s areas, parking, the possibility of renting water bikes, volleyballs, etc. Remote bathing areas such as Cala Rovira are surrounded by green pine trees and other quaint vegetation. It is a perfect place for a quieter and calmer holiday, even in the midst of the bathing season. The city has a huge water park, as well as many bars, nightclubs and discos.

3. Shopping

The number of boutiques, shops and souvenir shops on the main street of Playa de Aro is simply off the charts. And if that’s not enough, you can get to La Roca Village Outlet Center. In La Roca Village you will find quality branded items with huge discounts at any time of year. Also, some shopping enthusiasts visit France. Fortunately, it is located just 110 km from the city.

4. Large selection of properties

Residential properties in Playa de Aro are mainly detached houses and luxury villas. Compact apartments and even townhouses are hard to find. The cost per square meter here is higher than in many other parts of Spain. However, the prices are quite adequate to the proposed standard of living. The city is a major commercial center, so investing in commercial real estate (offices, hotels, restaurants) also has good prospects.

The most luxurious villas are built in protected settlements and urbanization around the city of Playa de Aro: La Gavina (in Sagaro), Punta Brava (near Sant Feliu de Guixols), Mas Nou, etc. Real estate here is primarily bought by those who are used to the best of their lives. There is an atmosphere of calm, convenience and privacy.

In addition, it is considered an elite area:

  • the center of Playa de Aro;
  • Iglesia;
  • The port.

If you want to live in some privacy and be able to enjoy the stunning views not only of the sea but also of the mountains every day, choose Mas Nou site. This village is built on some hill. However, the only way to get here is by private car or taxi. The distance to the sea in Mas Nou is about 4 km. This is why the houses here, although considered to be elite, are more affordable.