CS:GO modes

Before you go into the official selection of games you will need to configure the game for yourself. The settings in general are very important for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You will need to adjust your mouse sensitivity, graphics settings and much more. We recommend that you set up a stretched screen and low graphics settings, even when playing on powerful PCs. This is done in order to remove unnecessary items from the map, which will make the game more playful and convenient for you. You can also find something interesting here https://csgo.net/.

You should also thoroughly study the interface, see the description of the modes that are. Do not go directly into the game, read the game menu. Adjust the keys as it is convenient for you, the main thing is not to hurry, otherwise you will simply have a desire to play this game later because of something very uncomfortable. If your computer is weak and not too suitable for the requirements of the game, then it is better to dig into your own hardware and configure it for CS. This will give you an increase of 30-40 fps, maybe more, maybe less, it all depends on your PC. Before playing with real people, it is better to go and play with bots, they are not a bad simulator in CS. Go through the training that the game offers. There you will learn all the basic things you need to know for the player Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Arms Race

Entertainment format, which allows you to show the level of possession of all kinds of weapons. In general, the principle is almost the same as in “Fight to the death”, but you will start with one type of weapon, which will change to another after killing a player from another team. In the process, you will be able to shoot with submachine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols, as well as wave the knife. The winner is the one who first stabbed the player from the opposite team with a gold knife.


It is a kind of training and warm-up mode. Here, each for himself and when you die, you do not wait for the end of the round, there are no such, by the way, and immediately appear at the random point on the map, walk and kill all those you see. It is recommended as a beginner, in order to master the gameplay and setting game. Experienced players rarely jump into this mode and just to shoot and have fun. Or, in rarer cases, stretch out. Recommended for beginners.


This mode is very similar to the regular mode, so there is no point in writing about it for a long time. There are two 5 by 5 commands playing in this mode. The game is played until the bomb is detonated or demined, or until the opponent’s team is completely eliminated. After each killing in the next round you will be given a new weapon.


Normal mode is the absolute classic of Counter – Strike series. The mode itself is completely similar to the competitive one, but with only some exceptions. The game is not 5 on 5, but a lot on a lot. Maximum game can go 15 on 15. In this case, the voice chat for both teams common in contrast to the competitive.


Competitive mode is already the most serious mode in the game. Here you can really compete with other players, the common voice chat between the teams is not available, you can communicate only with your team. Here you play for the real title, which will determine your level of the game.


Partners are already a regime similar in style to the competitive and is its smaller version, in contrast to the usual. There are already titles that you can raise or lower playing. The game is based on the name of the mode 2 vs 2. The rules are exactly the same as in competitive. For this mode the reduced versions of standard cards were specially prepared.

Get more information at https://csgo.net/faq.